Common Reveals He's Dating Angela Rye On Angie Martinez Podcast

Common Reveals He's Dating Angela Rye On Angie Martinez Podcast
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According to a report from, the rapper/actor, Common, is gearing up to release his latest record, Let Love , on Friday, the 30th of August. And to promote his new album, the rapper stopped by The Angie Martinez Show on Tuesday.

Common opened up regarding some of the ideas in his latest album, in addition to a book he wrote, as well as his romantic life. When probed by Angie on who he's seeing at the moment, the American Gangster alum revealed it was one of his old ex-girlfriends, Angie Ray.

"We dated," Common began, "You know, I had to get myself together," and Martinez said in response that Angie was a "smart cookie." Common went on to describe her as smart, a good person, as well as a lot of fun.

As many of her fans have come to know, Rye is somewhat of a social justice activist, as is Common as well. Angela is a lawyer as well as the Principal and CEO of Impact Strategies. She also serves as a commentator occasionally on NPR and CNN.

Previously, fans of the rapper thought he was dating Erykah Badu again due to their joint appearence on Black Girls Rock from However, their coming together was just for the show; it was for business.

Furthermore, Common claimed their time on Black Girls Rock was merely a "performance," and he's very happy dating Angela at the moment. In addition to his dating life, the rapper also dished on his new book, Let Love Have the Last Word: A Memoir , released in May of this year.

The rapper said in the book that he was molested as a child, and for that reason, he had trouble committing to relationships. Moreover, he claimed that people have reached out to him following the publishing of the book, saying the novel inspired them to go to therapy.

This comes after the topic of sexual abuse has become particularly salient, especially amid the #MeToo movement which picked up steam back in October 2017.

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