Columbus Short Stands-Up For Alleged R. Kelly Victims And Twitter Laughs At The Supposed Hypocrisy

Columbus Short Stands-Up For Alleged R. Kelly Victims And Twitter Laughs At The Supposed Hypocrisy
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Ever since the new Lifetime series came out, Surviving R. Kelly, celebrities and people online have been criticizing the singer and stating their convictions, as well as their regrets working with him, including Chance The Rapper. Just yesterday, it was reported that Chance The Rapper was sorry for the way in which he inadvertently delegitimized all of those who accused him of assault.

As a result of the popular docu-series, Columbus Short, who was one of the people who chose to sign on to the #MuteRKelly movement, was criticized by Twitter users for his alleged hypocrisy. Short was once accused of abusing women.

While his intentions were good, people on Twitter pointed out his own controversial past. On Instagram, Short, at first, spoke at length about his once deep adulation of the disgraced singer. But due to his supposed knowledge on account of watching the series, Short urged for the public to recognize the unacceptability of his supposed behavior.

Short wrote, "on behalf of Black men," then stated he would no longer listen to his music due to the continuous allegations against him in recent years. He added, "R. Kelly is not us, So, on behalf of Black men, and on behalf of Black men with a daughter, #MuteRKelly."

Many people online were happy that Columbus chose to speak out against R. Kelly, but a few pointed out his supposed hypocrisy due to his alleged history of treating women poorly. In 2018, Short was sentenced to 36 months probation and counseling for striking his wife, Aida Abramyan.

Since Short had already been indicted on charges related to a 2014 incident, Columbus was on probation and was subsequently sentenced to serve an entire year in the big house.

As it was previously reported, Short isn't the only person for Twitter to take issue with. Charlamagne Tha God was also taken to task on Twitter due to allegations from his past.

Due to a lack of DNA evidence and participation of the victim with authorities, the rape charges were subsequently dropped. This has led many to look at Charlamagne as a controversial figure, who isn't without his demons either.

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