Colton Underwood Wears Shirt With Cassie Randolph's Face On It To Show His Love!

Colton Underwood Wears Shirt With Cassie Randolph's Face On It To Show His Love!
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Colton Underwood couldn’t help but make his feelings towards Cassie Randolph as clear as possible! As if his fence jump on The Bachelor did not convey his love for her enough, Colton decided it would be a great idea to wear a shirt with Cassie’s face on it!

While at Stagecoach 2019 his pal Joseph Tate posted a clip of the Bachelor on his IG stories.

It showed Colton entering the kitchen early in the morning while wearing a shirt that had a massive picture of his lover’s face on it!

Not only that, but the portrait can be seen on both the front as well as the back of the clothing item.

After hiding their romance for months, since the finale aired, the lovebirds have been packing the PDA and showing their love for one another online and off.

Since their situation on the show was a bit different, Colton did no pop the big question but that’s not to say he doesn’t have the ring ready for when he decides to do it.

However, some people were pretty disappointed by his taste in jewelry.

LADYGANG's Jac Vanek previously told him that ‘A double halo ring is the most basic bitch ring in the entire world.’

Becca Tobin also said that 'It's not a Super Bowl ring! What the f**k were you thinking?’

He did get some support as well! Keltie Knight defended the NFL star and his ring, arguing that ‘I have a double halo ring, and it's f***ing beautiful.’

Well, he’ll probably pick something else anyway when he finally proposes, just to get a fresh start since it was not meant for her at first.


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