Colton Underwood Reveals He's Undertaking A Vegetarian Diet To Slim Down

Colton Underwood Reveals He's Undertaking A Vegetarian Diet To Slim Down
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Colton Underwood revealed on Thursday, the 21st of August, that he lost his "veginity" by adopting a vegetarian diet. Approximately one day before then, The Bachelor alum stopped by the Us Weekly studio where he shared some details on his new diet and weight-loss plan.

Underwood, who's now in a business partnership with Morningstar Farms, claims he's been "meatless for the past month." Thus far, Mr. Underwood has discovered that going meatless has improved his well-being and health all around.

"Right now," Colton began, "I'm still trying to lose some weight from filming." According to Colton, who's famously a virgin, he doesn't feel as bloated as he used to after his meals; "there's a ton of benefits," the reality star remarked.

As for how he learned about this new diet plan, Colton claims the lesson in nutrition came after filming three shows for ABC, in particular, The Bachelor. The star said he actually gained approximately ten pounds after being on the dating series.

Moreover, Bachelor In Paradise was "even worse." With that said, Underwood has stuck to his plan of intermittent fasting and is getting all the meat flavor he needs from all kinds of processed vegetarian and vegan foods, including sausage, cheeseburgers, and faux-chicken nuggets.

His girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, supports him in cutting out animal products in entirety. Underwood stated, "we've been having cookouts together." In the last decade or so, veganism and vegetarianism have only increased in popularity, with more and more brands and products popping up, including Beyond Meat and Morningstar Farms.

Colton isn't the only celebrity to go meatless either. Leonardo DiCaprio famously has been involved in the Beyond Meat company, which creates products that look, smell, and taste like meat without actually using animal products.

In a statement, The Revenant actor said that livestock was a major cause of carbon emissions. According to a report from QZ, DiCaprio added that changing one's diet, especially moving over to a plant-based diet, is one of the best decisions one can make in regards to thwarting impacting climate change.

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