Colton Underwood And Cassie Randolph Not Moving In Together Anytime Soon

Colton Underwood And Cassie Randolph Not Moving In Together Anytime Soon
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Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph met in a way that most people probably couldn't relate too, however, that doesn't mean they're not going about their relationship in a conventional way.

The 28-year-old Bachelor alum said to Us Magazine recently that he and Cassie were having "conversations" about an engagement. During his appearence on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast, however, Underwood explained that he and Randolph decided not to move in together - for now.

As for the reason why; Colton claims Randolph doesn't want to take serious steps until she's finished her graduate program. The star says, putting it simply, that Cassie is very busy with school right now, and will be even more occupied once it comes time for her to apply for an internship.

In other words, it's simply not the right time to worry about planning a wedding, an engagement party, or moving in together. As fans of The Bachelor know, Cassie and Colton first met during the 23rd season of the aforementioned series.

Recently, Colton dropped a brand new book, The First Time, which was released to the public on Tuesday, the 31st of March.

The star claimed in his memoir that they actually split up in August of 2019 for a little while. Colton shared in his book that a lot of private information was leaked to the public, and they weren't sure how it got out.

Even though they like to keep certain aspects of their lives private, Colton claims he and Cassie love the idea of coming back to reality television. The reality star added that they've had conversations about it, and it seems like a good idea. Both he and Cassie like being in front of a camera.

In other news, Colton recently revealed he was diagnosed with the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The star took to his Instagram to explain what the symptoms were like and how he was handling it. Interestingly, Underwood shared that it was surprisingly hard on him, even though he's in his late 20s and is in great health.


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