Colt Johnson From 90 Day Fiancé Jokes That He's Now 'Giving Away' Larissa Dos Lima

Colt Johnson From 90 Day Fiancé Jokes That He's Now 'Giving Away' Larissa Dos Lima
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According to Us Weekly, things got heated with fans after Colt Johnson filed for divorce from his allegedly abusive and estranged wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Recently, Colt Johnson released a video on his Instagram in which he joked about giving away his 32-year-old wife after she supposedly attacked him.

According to the blogger, John Yates, who frequently discusses the TLC series online, the 33-year-old filmed a video for Cameo - which serves video greetings from celebrities. "Please take her off my hands," Johnson said about his wife in the video.

Colt says in the video he wants to get rid of her so badly, that he'd fly her out on a chartered airplane to another man at no cost. The reality star joked that he would even have flowers ready so the man could give them to her, because, "I hear she likes them."

He finished off his video by saying, "good luck," because the man to "take her off of his hands" will definitely need it.

As it was reported previously, on the 11th of January, Dos Santos Lima was arrested for attacking Johnson at their home the night before on the 10th. A police officer from the Las Vegas department said to reporters from Us Weekly that he had bruises, torn up gums, and blood on him in a manner consistent with abuse.

Furthermore, the law enforcement determined she was, in fact, the aggressor in the situation. And following the day on which the incident occurred, Dos Santos Lima was charged by police with a few crimes, including misdemeanor domestic violence.

Us Weekly obtained the document showing that she used illegal force against her husband. As a consequence, a lot of people were talking badly about Lima online, enough for her to formally respond.

Dos Santos Lima says in her explanatory video that she would never threaten to commit suicide because she loves her life so much. "These allegations are completely false and I have all my medical records to prove it."


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