Colin Jost Says He Remembers The Day He Met Scarlett Johansson And What He Thought Of Her

Colin Jost Says He Remembers The Day He Met Scarlett Johansson And What He Thought Of Her
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Colin Jost vividly remembers what it was like to meet Scarlett Johansson the first time. It was like something out of a movie, Page Six reported today. According to the outlet, Johansson and Jost first got together during an episode of Saturday Night Live which Scarlett was hosting.

In the comic's new memoir, A Very Punchable Face, Colin Jost told the story of the time he met Scarlett during the creation of the "My Super Sweet Sixteen" sketch that mocked the popular reality television program.

Colin wrote in the new book that Scarlett remembers thinking he was "cute," but he thought of her as "gracious" and "beautiful," among a group of other sweet terms. Colin described her as "intimidatingly sophisticated," "sweet," "smart," and "beautiful."

Jost says Johansson had a grace about her that he had never seen in any other person. As it was previously reported, Johansson and Jost got engaged this past year following two years of dating. This will be the third time Johansson has gotten married.

Before hooking up with Jost, she was married to Ryan Reynolds as well as the French executive, Romain Dauriac. Scarlett has a 5-year-old daughter with him named Rose. Fans of the couple know, however, that there are often rumors surrounding their romance.

Earlier this year, in June, Charisse Van Horn reported on speculation that she and Jost had to cancel their wedding. Van Horn claimed Scarlett and Jost were going to postpone their ceremony on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Life and Style issue from the 22nd of June, 2020, the outlet spoke to a source who claimed Scarlett and Colin chose to put off their upcoming wedding for now. It's simply not a good time for them or the rest of their friends and family, the source insinuated.

Even though they've dated since 2006, 2017 was the year when they finally started hooking up and seeing each other seriously.

This marks the first time Colin has ever been married. Scarlett previously opened up about what she thought of Colin the first time they met. 

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