Colin Jost Hints That He's Leaving Saturday Night Live Soon Ahead Of His Wedding To Scarlett Johansson

Colin Jost Hints That He's Leaving Saturday Night Live Soon Ahead Of His Wedding To Scarlett Johansson
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Saturday Night Live writer and star Colin Jost has made a name for himself in recent years as the co-host of Weekend Update, but he’s been a writer on the show since 2005. In his new memoir, Jost hints that his long tenure might be coming to an end soon as he prepares to wed his fiancee, Scarlett Johanssen.

According to Variety , Jost’s new memoir A Very Punchable Face is scheduled to hit bookstores on April 14th, and their staff has already reviewed the uncorrected galley proofs of the memoir. They report that Jost writes in his book that he is “preparing mentally” to leave SNL , but he would prefer to stay until after the 2020 election.

Jost worked his way up from writer, to head writer, to cast member over the course of 15 seasons, but it’s not certain that he’s ready to leave anytime soon. It’s possible that he could make changes to the book before it’s released, but he has made it clear that he has ambitions of doing something different.

Variety reports that the 37-year-old writes about working on projects that “develop bigger, broader ideas,” instead of writing SNL sketches that “sometimes result from 24 hours of feverish idea-hatching.”

Of course, just because he wants to work on different things, that doesn’t necessarily mean he has to give up Saturday Night Live . In recent years, executive producer Lorne Michaels has allowed some cast members to work on other projects, including some that are produced by his Broadway Video company.

Aidy Bryant is coming off her second season of the Hulu series Shrill , Kate McKinnon has starred in movies like Bombshell and Ghostbusters , and Keenan Thomspon is the producer of his former Nickelodeon show All That .

However, Jost’s position as head writer and co-host of Weekend Update could make it extremely difficult for him to work on other projects in addition to his weekly duties on SNL . He is a key member of the staff, and has been since he graduated from Harvard in 2005.

Even though his future at Saturday Night Live is up in the air, Colin Jost’s love life is pretty certain at the moment. He and Johanssen got engaged in 2019 after two years of dating, and the couple is planning their upcoming wedding.


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