Cole Sprouse Talks 'Riverdale' Season 2 On Reddit AMA, Spills Secrets

Cole Sprouse Talks 'Riverdale' Season 2 On Reddit AMA, Spills Secrets
Source: Cole Sprouse Instagram

Cole Sprouse hosted a Redditt Ask Me Anything (AMA) and spilled secrets about Riverdale season 2. Sprouse plays the character Jughead Jones on the Archie comic inspired television show that has thrilled fans with its cast and murder mystery plot.

There's approximately one month left before Riverdale season 2 returns to the CW, and fans jumped at the chance to ask Cole their questions. The AMA was a huge success and people have been talking about the next season of Riverdale ever since.

Vanessa Morgan will join the cast and will be the first openly bisexual character on the show. Unfortunately, some fans are not thrilled about her joining the cast.

According to reports, Morgan has received death threats from die-hard Riverdale fans who want to ensure Morgan's character Toni keeps her distance from Jughead and Betty.

Cole answered many questions regarding his character Jughead. He also explained that season 1 was mostly an origin story for the show.

Those who watch season 2 will see more of Jughead interacting with other characters in the show. Cole also said the scripts are more complex in season 2 and there will be more new characters.

Cole answered questions about some of Jughead's wardrobe, specifically his jacket and beanie cap that he wears. Cole explained that he wore one beanie throughout the season and though he did get a second one, it was stolen from the set.

Another interesting question and answer session focused on memes. Someone asked Cole what he thought about the Jughead meme "I'm a weirdo." Cole's response was surprising.

For those who thought Internet memes were created by social media aficionados and purveyors of 4chan think again. According to Cole Sprouse, studios often create memes as part of a promotional tool.

He didn't exactly say that the studio created the "I'm a weirdo" meme, but who knows. It worked and the meme spread like wildfire.

And if you thought Riverdale seemed an awful lot like Twin Peaks, you aren't alone. Many people got Twin Peaks vibes from the show and Cole confirmed the similarities were intentional.

What do you think of Cole Sprouse's AMA? He has done two Reddit threads now and is doing a great job connecting with fans, answering questions, and in turn promoting the show.

Are you going to watch Riverdale season 2?

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