Cole Sprouse Talks Lili Reinhart As She Celebrates Her 21st Birthday

Cole Sprouse Talks Lili Reinhart As She Celebrates Her 21st Birthday
Source: Lili Reinhart Instagram

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart star in the CW hit series Riverdale , but fans hope there's more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. As fans prepare for Riverdale Season 2 , that returns on Oct. 11, 2017, fans are hoping that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are really a couple.

Sprouse granted an interview with Entertainment Weekly , where he discussed the relationship rumors. Additionally, Lili Reinhart celebrated her 21st birthday on September 13, 2017, and fans and cast members alike have shared plenty of well-wishes, greetings, and celebratory messages to the actress.

Cole Sprouse plays the character Jughead while Lili Reinhart plays Betty on Riverdale and their chemistry on screen is so hot, that fans hope it's as real as when the cameras aren't rolling.

While some celebrities maintain fake relationships as part of their act, fans are convinced that Sprouse and Reinhart are the real deal.

There are several monikers going around to refer to the couple including Sprousehart and Bughead. Cole Sprouse addressed the relationship rumors, but he didn't necessarily confirm or deny he and Lili were in a relationship.

Rumors first circulated when fans and paparazzi spotted Cole and Lili spending time together off set. They have been photographed at parties, watching the sunset, and Lili accompanied Cole and brother Dylan Sprouse to the beach.

During the interview Cole pointed out that fans have wanted all the cast members to be in a relationship, not just he and Lili. He even pointed out that fans want Lili and Camila Mendes as well as Cole and KJ Apa to be in relationships.

He indicated that this means the characters are resonating with fans who want their relationships to be real.

That's as far as Cole delved into the topic and again, he neither confirmed or denied the relationship rumors.

He did share some behind-the-scenes photo from the Riverdale set that he took on his Instagram page.

Both Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have shared photos of each other and there is no question that the two are close friends.

Whether they really are a couple remains to be seen. Last year, Lili shared a photo on Cole Sprouse's birthday where she called him her pal.

Though the two looked awfully close, she referred to him as her pal. This year; however, the tone seemed a bit more personal and it isn't a surprise that many fans are convinced the two are in love. Lili Reinhart shared the following photo and caption on Cole's birthday this year.

While Cole Sprouse didn't publicly write a heartfelt birthday message to Lili, he did share the above photo of her on his Instagram. The photo was the first of several behind-the-scenes pictures the actor/photographer captured.

What do you think? Is Cole Sprouse toying with fans by teasing a relationship with Lili Reinhart, yet not admitting it? Do you think Cole and Lili are dating?


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