Cole Sprouse, Jaime King And Many More Arrested Amid Peaceful Protests - Speak Up About Experiencing Police Mistreatment!

Cole Sprouse, Jaime King And Many More Arrested Amid Peaceful Protests - Speak Up About Experiencing Police Mistreatment!
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The actor took to social media to speak up on the actions of the police force amid the George Floyd protests that continue to take place all over the country! Apparently, Cole Sprouse and many other demonstrators, both famous and not, were arrested even though they were being peaceful!

The Riverdale star was just standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and everyone else around him was doing the same thing but in spite of this, it sounds like the authorities continue to use excessive force and abuse their power.

Cole and other celebs have been proving how dedicated they are to the cause by even getting detained alongside other citizens protesting.

Those standing for justice have been going through a lot more however, the police employing aggressive methods to get them to stop, including by using tear gas and rubber bullets!

When things escalated, some famous protesters took the initiative and stood at the front lines, which led to them being arrested.

After being released, Cole took to his platform to detail his experience and update others on the status of the protests.

‘A group of peaceful protesters, myself included, got arrested yesterday. So before the horde of media sensationalism decides to turn it about me, there is a clear need to speak up about the circumstances: Black Lives Matter. Peace, riots, looting, are all absolutely legitimate forms of protest. the media is by nature going to show only the most sensational, which proves a long standing racist agenda,’ he wrote.

Cole went on to say that: ‘I was detained while standing in solidarity, as were many of the final vanguard in Santa Monica. We were given an option to leave, and we were informed that if we didn't retreat, we'd be arrested. When many did turn to leave, we met another line of police officers blocking our route, and at that point, they started zip tying us.’

Check out the rest of his message above.

Similarly, actress Jaime King went through an arrest as well, posting about it from the back of a police bus where she was detained alongside other ‘sisters’ protesting.

She later returned with a second post updating everyone on the situation and stressing that the women were being mistreated and mocked by the police: ‘Currently still on the bus for over 4 hours. Took us from 77th precinct to San Pedro. Women w/no access to vital meds, bathrooms, bleeding through their pants. They are laughing at us. #BlackLivesMatter.’


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