Coldplay showed a concert of alien dolls in the video 'Biutyful'

Coldplay showed a concert of alien dolls in the video 'Biutyful'
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The alien group The Weirdos has already appeared on TV and even signed a contract with the label.
Coldplay released the video "Biutyful," the main characters of which were alien dolls. They participate in The Weirdos and give their own concerts.

The video for "Biutyful" was directed by Mat Whitecross, who has been with the band for a long time. The script was written by Whitecross himself, Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin and actress Dakota Johnson, Martin's girlfriend.

On June 10, almost a month before the music video premiered, Chris Martin performed "Biutyful" on The Jimmy Fallon Show, accompanied by The Weirdos. According to him, this is "a group that we are trying to help.

"The singer added that his own band is no longer going to release singles under the Coldplay name.

Perhaps Martin was just joking, but in December 2021, he said that after 2025 the band would stop releasing albums and focus on live activities. And two months before that, he said that Coldplay was going to record 12 records-thus, the musicians were "obliged" to present three more studio works.

The song "Biutyful" is featured on Coldplay's latest album, Music Of The Spheres, which was released in October 2021.

Three official singles were released from it: "Higher Power," a duet with BTS, "My Universe," and "Let Somebody Go," recorded with Selena Gomez.

The album received mixed reviews from critics but performed well on the charts - it topped the British charts and entered the top 5 of the Billboard 200.

If Martin could joke about the future of Coldplay, then he is very serious about The Weirdos. The Creature Shop, founded by Jim Henson, who came up with The Muppets, worked on the creation of the puppet collective.

The band already has a record deal with Atlantic and Parlophone and is featured on Coldplay's live shows.


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