Cody Simpson Dodges Miley Cyrus Baby Speculations Like A Pro!

Cody Simpson Dodges Miley Cyrus Baby Speculations Like A Pro!
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Cody Simpson loves Miley Cyrus a lot but he would rather keep the personal and the professional sides of his life mostly separate. That being said, while on Australia’s ‘Today’ show, the singer managed to avoid answering a question about whether or not girlfriend and fellow singer Miley Cyrus is pregnant.

Fans know that there have been baby rumors going around but Cody made it very clear he has other things on his brain rather than starting a family already.

The speculations come as the celeb couple’s relationship is getting more and more serious.

That’s not to say they are ready to become parents, however.

So when he was asked about it, Cody used humor and changed the topic.

Host Karl Stefanovic wondered: ‘There were rumors going around yesterday you were pregnant. Are you pregnant?’

‘Oh yeah, for years apparently,’ Cody replied.

It makes sense! After all, while he and Miley have not been romantically involved for that long, he’s also known to have dated other big names such as Ali Lohan and Gigi Hadid!

In other words, dating those other stars has also come along with baby rumors in the past.

The host wished to learn more about how he deals with the speculations and in response, he dished that ‘You have to take it in stride. What I try to do is focus on my work and what’s important to me. The rest is kind of comes along with it. It’s all part of it. Something you have to be cool with.’

For the time being, Cody’s priorities are music and work in general but that’s not to say business cannot mix with pleasure too, sometimes.

Late last month, he shared some pics of him in the studio and in the comment section, Miley revealed a NSFW detail from behind the scenes: ‘Where’s the screenshot of me flashing my boobies while u record. Tip: smiling when you sing helps pitch by brightening the sound! You’re welcome for all the above!’


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