Coco Austin Blasts Trolls For Shaming Her Over BreastFeeding Chanel – Ice T Defends His Wife

Coco Austin Blasts Trolls For Shaming Her Over BreastFeeding Chanel – Ice T Defends His Wife
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Coco Austin is blasting the trolls who mom-shamed her over breastfeeding her daughter, Chanel age 3 . Ice-T is also defending his wife's choice, letting the haters know he is not here for their shaming Coco.

The other day the proud mama shared an Instagram picture of her breastfeeding Chanel. It is not the action that has people outraged but rather the little girl's age.

Coco and Ice-T's daughter will soon be four years old. Many people feel that is way too old for any child to be still breastfeeding.

"You need to have a baby to understand it. What I think confuses people is they saw the picture, and they think Chanel doesn't eat food. And she eats cheeseburgers. She only breastfeeds like, when she cries, and she just wants to get close to her mama. She throws the boob out and holds on. She's not doing it for nourishment. This chick eats chili fries, OK?" Coco told Us Weekly at the Equal Standard premiere on Thursday night.

Even though she explained her action, Coco does not have time to dwell on the haters or their negativity towards her.

"They just have some time to kill and need to say something to get a reaction from you, and I don't want to give them any time. I want to give lovers time, not the haters," the 40-year-old said.

The Law & Order: SVU star defended his wife to TMZ, reiterating what Coco said about Chanel eating real food, not just breast milk. Ice-T also said it is like a treat for Chanel when she wants to be close to her mom.

He even used cheeseburgers as an example too. Clearly, the couple discussed how they would choose to defend Coco breastfeeding Chanel at almost four years old.

Coco Austin is not backing down from breastfeeding her child simply because of some online trolls. In her original Instagram post, Ice-T's wife expressed how lucky she feels that Chanel has not outgrown breastfeeding, admitting it will make her sad when the time comes.

The haters are going to hate regardless of what Coco or the rapper said. What did you think of their explanation? Was it a little too rehearsed or did it seem like a genuine reason for Coco to be breastfeeding Chanel at her age?

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