Clip Of Lil Wayne Blowing Massive Cloud Of Blunt Smoke Goes Viral

Clip Of Lil Wayne Blowing Massive Cloud Of Blunt Smoke Goes Viral
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A report from Hot New Hip Hop this week claimed Lil' Wayne appeared on the screen while at a basketball game streamed for people at home. Fans of the performing artist know Lil' Wayne is a big fan of smoking weed, almost as much as he loves basketball.

The outlet says that a clip went viral this weekend featuring Lil' Wayne blowing a cloud of smoke out of his mouth for everyone to see. It happened pretty quick, but fans noticed Lil' Wayne was far from inconspicuous about it.

Lil' Wayne , despite his inability to keep the weed smoke under wraps, has one of the best reputations in the hip-hop world among many other rappers. For instance, artists like 2 Chainz and others have praised the rapper for his work ethic and contributions to black culture.

In one interview with 2 Chains, the rapper touched on Wayne's influence on hip-hop, stating how Lil' Wayne practically pioneered the face tattoo which has become commonplace in the industry.

Moreover, 2 Chainz explained how Lil' Wayne showed him so much about the hip-hop lifestyle including the importance of working incredibly hard to make sure one always stays on top. Regardless of his success, Lil Wayne is obviously prone to take a break every once in a while to smoke his favorite herb:

As most know, Lil Wayne and his family are frequently in the headlines, especially the mother of his child, Toya Johnson, and daughter Reginae Carter. It was reported earlier this year that Reginae showed off a new outfit on her social media and fans loved it.

In the caption of her post, Reginae wrote that she was "99% angel and 1% something else." Reginae's followers were quick to shower her with praise, telling her that her body is "insane" and her choice in fashion was impeccable.


Lil' Wayne and Toya Johnson had their daughter, Reginae , at an especially young age. Wayne was 16-years-old and Toya was 15-years-old when she first gave birth to their child. Lil' Wayne went on to epic glory in the music business and never had any problems supporting his family.

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