Clint Eastwood Partially Backs Down From Trump Support - Wants Mike Bloomberg To 'Get In There'

Clint Eastwood Partially Backs Down From Trump Support - Wants Mike Bloomberg To 'Get In There'
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Clint Eastwood, during a new interview with the Wall Street Journal, suggested that Donald Trump may not be the best choice for the upcoming 2020 election. Clint Eastwood explained that the best thing Americans could do would be to put "Mike Bloomberg in there."

Clint has never officially endorsed Trump but has been a Republican for years. Back in 2012, the actor, who famously lectured an empty chair that was supposed to be Barack Obama, supported the former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

Four years ago, in 2016, Clint suggested he wasn't happy with either candidate in the 2016 election, explaining that he thought there was a lot of "funny business" in the lives of both candidates. However, Eastwood did praise Trump for his lack of inhibition, stating that the average American was getting "tired of political correctness," and the "p*ssy generation."

Additionally, Eastwood insinuated there have been a lot of cultural changes in the last few decades, many of them good, but many of them bad. For instance, the actor/director suggested that people are being accused of "racism" far too often, to the point where the term has lost all meaning.

As for the actor's criticism of Trump today, Eastwood stated that while he appreciates many of the things he has done, he just wishes that he would call people names less and not tweet in a cantankerous manner. Earlier this year, Eastwood also touched on the media controversy regarding Olivia Wilde's character in the 2019 movie, Richard Jewell, which was Eastwood's movie.

Not only was Clint's production the worst opening he has had in 40 years, but it was also attacked by lawyers for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who said the depiction of the main character, which was based on a real-life woman, was "defamatory and damaging."

In the film, Kathy Scruggs sleeps with a federal agent to get information, a fact that many people in the media took issue with.

Eastwood explained that the real-life Kathy Scruggs did hang around bars where a lot of cops went, and also had a police officer boyfriend. However, he and the writers merely changed the type of officer to a federal agent in the film rather than a local authority.

With all that said, Clint does support the #MeToo movement, suggesting that it was great women were finally standing up to people who are "trying to shame them down for sexual favors." The notorious director did note that he feared the purported loss of presumption of innocence in the #MeToo era.


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