'Clerks' Director Kevin Smith Survives 'Massive' Widowmaker Heart Attack!

'Clerks' Director Kevin Smith Survives 'Massive' Widowmaker Heart Attack!
Credit: The Independent

One of independent cinema's loudest voices was almost silenced last night, as filmmaker Kevin Smith has revealed he suffered a "massive" heart attack Sunday night. The Clerks and Mallrats director took to social media to announce the news to fans.

Smith was originally scheduled to perform two stand-up comedy shows last night at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California.

Apparently, sometime between the first show and the second show, Smith fell ill and checked himself into the hospital where he received the diagnosis.

The filmmaker was told that his anterior descending  artery (LAD), which is known as the "widowmaker" for its propensity to cause fatal heart attacks, was completely blocked.

Smith noted that if he hadn't decided to go to the hospital, he surely would be dead right now -- but for now, he's "still above ground."

In the photo Smith shared along with his tweet, the director can be seen in a hospital gown, surrounded by wires and tubes.

In the moments after Smith's post, an outpouring of support flooded Twitter from both celebrities and regular fans alike.

Actor Chris Pratt, who admits he's never met Smith, said "I have loved you since  Clerks ," and told the Comic Book Men star he was praying for him.

Smith first came to fame with Clerks , his 1994 low-budget black-and-white indie film, and followed it with a string of loosely-connected movies dubbed the "View Askewniverse."

The filmmaker's last theatrically-released film was the 2016 comedy Yoga Hosers , which starred his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith, alongside Johnny Depp and Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose Depp.

In recent years, Smith has brought his talents to television, directing multiple episodes of Supergirl, The Goldbergs, and The Flash . Next up for the geek auteur is the horror anthology film, Killroy Was Here , based on the graffiti phenomenon from the World War II.


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