Claudine Auger From James Bond Thunder Ball Passes Away At 78

Claudine Auger From James Bond Thunder Ball Passes Away At 78
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Claudine Auger, native to France, passed away at the age of 78-years earlier this week, claimed a new report from Page Six. Auger is perhaps most famous for her role in the James Bond movie, Thunderball, in which she starred as Dominique "Domino" Derval.

Her agency, Time Art, announced the tragic news and stated she died in Paris, France, on the 19th of December. The cause of death hasn't been officially revealed yet. Fans of Claudine know her acting career first began when she was cast in the 1960 movie, Testament Of Orpheus.

When she was 18-years-old, she tied the knot with Pierre Gaspard-Huit, a French director, who was 43-years-old at the time. She worked with him in several films including 1958's  Christine,  in which she co-starred with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider.

However, Auger's career began in earnest when she got the part as Domino in Thunderball , the fourth movie in the James Bond franchise in which she played the character alongside James Bond, portrayed by Sean Connery.

Domino played the mistress of Bond's enemy, Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi). Initially, the script was written for an Italian actress, but due to her stellar performance, casting directors re-wrote it for a French woman instead.

Even though her career never took off in a big way in the United States, she did star in other spy movies including Triple Cross. Christopher Plummer and Yul Brynner starred in it as well. In Europe, Auger's career continued to climb. She found work in European TV shows and in films as well.

Later in life, Auger worked in the British television show, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes , starring Jeremy Brett. She divorced Gaspard-Huit and later married Peter Brent in the 1980s until he finally passed away when she was in 2008.

In a statement from the James Bond Twitter page, they announced, sadly, that Auger had died at the age of 78. "Our thoughts are with her family and friends."

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