Clare Crawley Accused Of Lying About Missing Prom By Bachelorette Fan - Check Out Her Clap Back!

Clare Crawley Accused Of Lying About Missing Prom By Bachelorette Fan - Check Out Her Clap Back!
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On the October 20 episode of The Bachelorette , Clare Crawley claimed that she never went to prom back in high school but this ended up leading to some controversy since one fan attempted to prove she actually did attend! The person took to social media to argue she had lied by using a throwback picture of the star.

Seeing this, Clare clapped back at the user.

That’s right! One fan of The Bachelorette tried to fact check Clare but she was quick to prove she was, in fact, telling the truth from the start when it comes to never attendeding her high school prom.

It all started with Clare Crawley telling contestant Chasen Nick that she didn’t mark this milestone in [almost] any teenager’s life.

‘I didn’t have the greatest high school experience either, to be honest. I never went to prom. Nobody asked me. No one even knew who I was back in high school. I was invisible, I think. I felt invisible,’ Clare shared, getting vulnerable in response to Chasen’s confession that he experienced bullying in his youth.

Then, after the episode aired, one viewer proceeded to try and prove that Clare was being fake about her confession and that she did actually go to her prom.

That being said, they went on to post a picture featuring two young people dancing and claiming that the blonde teen was Clare herself back in 1999 and that the teen boy in the snap was the fan’s current husband, which would explain why they would know about it and have the snap.

‘My husband took @clarecrawley to senior prom, @clarecrawley you went to prom,’ the caption read.


In response, Clare fired back by pointing out that ‘Lol actually not. You do know there's more dances in high school which are NOT prom? Turns out it is just someone digging up some old photos. (Why she keeps her husband’s old dance pics I am not sure. I went to a new school in senior year and in fact DID NOT go to prom, like I said.’


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