Cindy Crawford's Kids Dubbed 'Out Of Control' Amid Presley's DUI Arrest

Cindy Crawford's Kids Dubbed 'Out Of Control' Amid Presley's DUI Arrest
Credit: Source: Vanity Fair

Presley Gerber found himself on the wrong side of the law over the weekend, and inside sources say Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber’s wild child is completely out of control. Police officers in Beverly Hills pulled over Presley after they caught him speeding early Sunday morning. Once Presley failed a quick sobriety test, officers charged the 19-year-old with a DUI and escorted him to jail.

A DUI arrest at the age of 19 would terrify most parents, but sources say it does not come as a surprise given Presley’s partying ways.

One insider told Radar Online that Presley and his 17-year-old sister, Kaia Gerber, party all the time with their parents and have grown accustomed to drinking whenever they want.

“Those kids are always wasted, they just do grown-up stuff with Rande and Cindy all the time,” an insider dished. “They drink at parties all the time, they don’t have a regular life.”

Kaia and Presley are already making a name for themselves in the modeling world, just like their mom, but it sounds like life is just a big party for the teenagers. It probably does not help that their mom is one of the most famous models in the world and their father have his own tequila brand with partner George Clooney.

But still, getting busted with a DUI as a teenager is not a good sign. Fortunately for Presley, his parents had the funds to bail him out of jail for $15,000.

Shortly after the arrest, Presley released a statement through his lawyer about the DUI.

Presley’s lawyer stated that his client does not have an arrest record and is taking the DUI allegations very seriously.

If Presley is convicted for drinking and driving, which is highly probable, he will lose the right to operate a vehicle for one year.

Although Presley is still young, he has a promising career in modeling. In fact, he has been working with IMG for a few years and has appeared in ads for Calvin Klein, Paris Vogue and Dolce & Gabbana.

It is unclear how the DUI charges will affect his modeling contracts.

Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber have not commented on Presley’s recent arrest.


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