Cindy Crawford Poses In A Two-Piece Bathing Suit And Some Say She Is Too Old — Supermodel Is Age Shamed

Cindy Crawford Poses In A Two-Piece Bathing Suit And Some Say She Is Too Old — Supermodel Is Age Shamed
Credit: Source: Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Is Cindy Crawford too old to wear a bikini? Some say yes. At 53-years-old, the mother of two shared a summer selfie on her Instagram page where she is wearing a two-piece bathing suit. Cindy was one of the biggest supermodels in the 80s and 90s and even now, in her 50s, no one denies she is an incredibly beautiful woman who has defied the effects of time. Even though she doesn't have a drop of fat on her body and she showcased her perfectly toned physique, some criticized her simply for her age or age-shamed her. You may see the bikini photo that Cindy shared on her Instagram account below.

Cindy shared the following caption on her post.

"A little bit of lake light ✨🇨🇦."

Though she looked gorgeous, many people chose to leave negative comments based solely on Cindy's age.

One user left the following feedback.

"You are old now. I don't think you are living in reality. Men do not foam at the mouth at 55-year-old women. Trust me."

Another user wrote, "Getting a little old for this...😬."

Cindy hasn't responded to the negative feedback but plenty of people across social media networks are weighing in on the controversial topic.

For every negative comment, there were many by those who were in awe of the supermodel's body, specifically her toned and flawless abs. There is no doubt that Cindy still has a bikini body and there's no reason why she should let haters on social media dictate how she lives her life or what she wears.

Many celebrities praised Cindy Crawford on her gorgeous appearance and her model and look-alike daughter Kaia Gerber responded by telling her mother that she was "So beautiful."

Fellow supermodel Helena Christensen wrote the following.

"And a lot of hotness 💥💥💥❤️."

Cindy works hard to keep her youthful appearance and she often shares some of her beauty secrets, tips, and fitness videos on her Instagram account. Though Cindy was born with good genes and is aging incredibly well, she has always made health a priority in her life and works out on a regular basis.

What do you think of those who left negative remarks suggesting Cindy Crawford is too old to wear a bikini?

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