Ciara Shows Off Toned Legs In New Video Filmed By Russell Wilson -- Future Will Be Mad

Ciara Shows Off Toned Legs In New Video Filmed By Russell Wilson -- Future Will Be Mad
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Wow, Ciara had her fans and her husband, Russell Wilson, going wild and he could not resist but gush about how lucky he is.

Ciara's fans are still dragging Future for dissing the couple last week. The singer known for her spectacular figure showed up in a gorgeous dress that highlighted her toned legs.

The diva and her husband looked spectacular as she arrived on the red carpet of the Bud Light Super Bowl Fest which is a pre-event to the Super Bowl that is set to take place in Atlanta.

Ciara also attended the 8th Annual NFL Honors at The Fox Theatre with Russell.

The NFL star shared a breathtaking video where Ciara is walking down the steps of their mansion and captioned it: "Can’t believe my eyes... Love you, Mrs. Wilson."

One person replied: "No prayer. Go to the gym, dress well, be feminine, look for men who provide and you will find a Russel Wilson. Russel is a man of God also if that is important. He’s such a great quarterback too, so slept on!! And he spends all his free time visiting sick kids in hospitals. He loves Jesus. He’s a great Dad and Husband. They make a really nice couple."

Another commenter stated: "She's so grateful... I would have stepped on the dress and fell down the stairs 😂😔😔I definitely see why Future is mad, @ciara is badddd 😍 . Ciara is looking good af She is a stunnner ...poor future he is somewhere crying 😂😂🙄🙄Somebody needs to check on future I don't think he's not feeling well. You alone is a goal mann. You are a man man. Goddamit. Your reward is in heaven."

A third follower said this is why Future is going wild and added: "Future is fighting the air cause he can’t control her😂🤣They both look great, but she looks amazing! And I hope people are taking note that she doesn't have a whole bunch of makeup on her face with 5 different colors eyeshadow and her weave 19 different colors. This is what we call class, people! 🙌🏾"

This fourth comment read: "She is so beautiful in and out.. you guys are perfect together! This is true love... awwwww... 😍So elegant. They look so good together. Considering their previous S.O., they both upgraded BIG time. Ciara’s legs make me schedule gym days every time. These two are cute. Man, I was so nervous watching her heel in that hem line 😫🤦🏾‍♀️."

Ciara is busy playing chess while her critics are still playing checkers.

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