Ciara, Proud Army Brat, Pays Tribute To Her Military Parents In July 4th Video, She Is Bashed For Not Honoring Her Ancestors

Ciara, Proud Army Brat, Pays Tribute To Her Military Parents In July 4th Video, She Is Bashed For Not Honoring Her Ancestors
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Ciara is a proud military brat, (the child of two retired military personnel), and she used the 4th of July to be a tribute to her parents -- Jackie and Carlton Clay Harris -- and her post was not well received.

Ciara’s parents served in the U.S. military, Carlton served in the Army and Jackie was in the Air Force. As a child, the "Thinkin Bout You" artist lived in various U.S. Army bases in Germany, New York, Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Russell Wilson’s wife shared a video where she is wearing a combat uniform, and her caption read: "Happy #4th 🇺🇸. Proud #MilitaryBrat! #NYC."

The comments were derailed very quickly because many deemed she is disrespectful to her ancestors.

One person replied: "Honor your ancestors 🙄 Just because SOME OF US are NOT brainwashed and are aware of TRUTH behind the 4th of July doesn’t mean we are sh*tting on the poor, delusional blk ppl who fought for a country that hates us."

This follower shared: "Ppl kill me with their constant negative comments on celebrities’ pages. Just unfollow and keep your negative comments to yourself. 4th isn’t for the military that’s veterans day and memorial day, the 4th is about independence and freedom, but you’re confused like our President. Lawd, learn to love, and spread love."

Another person said this: "July 4, our people were still slaves. Saying Happy 4th to another black person is like two Native Americans telling eat other Happy Thanksgiving. Wake up, my black people."

This fourth commenter revealed: "How did I know people were going to be so very negative in the comments section. Some of yall just can’t wait for her to post something to air your misery. “It's not a black people holiday” yeah but its a time for black people to come together, eat and be merry!!!! Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. Some of all of you are still mentally enslaved. We still have a long way to go, and some of all of you even further. Also, when the declaration of independence was signed, there was a war going on! The American Revolutionary war!! As a military brat, and coming from generations of the military, I celebrate them always!!"

Ciara has been having trouble in winning over everyone with her recent social media postings.

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