Ciara Opens Up About Her And Future's Heartbreaking Split And Being A 'Failing' Single Mom

Ciara Opens Up About Her And Future's Heartbreaking Split And Being A 'Failing' Single Mom
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The star confessed that she cried quite a bit when she and former fiancé, rapper Future put an end to their relationship. It was definitely a hard time and the singer is not afraid to admit it!

Ciara was a guest on Jada Pinkett Smith’s show, Red Table Talk, when she opened up about their heartbreaking split and also how it was like to be a single mother since the exes share son, Future Zahir.

‘I'd have moments in the shower when I would be crying. I had a few moments when I would be crying in different settings—in the bedroom, in the shower...I would be crying because I'm not in the happiest place, and it hurts what I am going through,’ Ciara revealed on the Facebook show.

As you may remember, the two artists ended things almost 5 years ago amid speculations that the man had cheated on her.

Today, Ciara couldn’t be any happier with the love of her life, Russell Wilson, with whom she tied the knot back in 2016.

The two have a daughter together named Sienna Princess Wilson.

Despite finding her bliss, Ciara still remembers the heartbreak that followed her and Future’s breakup.

‘None of it was ideal,’ she explained, referring to the fact that she had their baby after the split.

The singer went on to explain that ‘I grew up with my mom and dad being together, so the idea of it being, 'Mommy and Daddy made baby,' and all of a sudden you are living your life in front of the world. 'I feel like I am failing right now, [people are] going to roast me, here they come in the comment section. I am about to get fried.' All that stuff, it is real. You cannot help but to think of it.’

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