Ciara Finally Spills Some Tea About The Prayer That Landed Her A Man Like Russell Wilson In New Video

Ciara Finally Spills Some Tea About The Prayer That Landed Her A Man Like Russell Wilson In New Video
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For several years, fans have been asking fans for that prayer that helped her find a loving husband like Russell Wilson.

Wednesday, Ciara appeared on Watch What Happens Now , where she spoke about Russell becoming the highest-paid NFL player in the league.

During the chit-chat, one fan called in and asked the question on everybody's mind: “What was your exact word for word prayer to get Russell Wilson?”

Ciara spilled a little bit of the tea and stated: “I have to say I definitely prayed a prayer, and I prayed many times. All I have to say is, when you’re going through the transition of love and trying to figure out life, you gotta be specific, and you have to reflect on the journey prior to kind of see why are you at that point where things are not working out the way you envisioned them.”

She added: “For me, I will talk more about all the things I said, but I was very specific about what I didn’t want.”

One fan reacted to Ciara's prayer by saying: "At the end of that heartbreak and trail of bad exes, lies a happy ending like this if you trust and release all toxicity from your life. What a great example of a black man. We need more RUSSELS & NIPSEY more.😘😘😘💕💕"

Another follower explained: "I can't think of any two celebrities who have tirelessly put in the work, showed genuine dedication to their fans, and have philanthropic deserve this, both of you ❤️Chile future really the stepdaddy to his own son... Baby future so handsome Cici."

This follower had this to share: "Look at God! 🙌🏾 I don’t say that because of the financial stability. I say that because of the example of unity you and your family display and the joy that is expressed in each of your smiles. God bless! 😍 Well done Queen well done 😍♥️ you are the reason I gave my amazing guy a chance. Blessings."

This fourth comment read: "Y’all don’t understand how epic this is. A black man with his black wife and black family signing the biggest NFL contract n history, 140 million dollar contract, and 65 million signing bonus. And the man is just 30 n four more yrs he will be 34 and still n his prime and another big payout."

Ciara is keeping it classy.

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