Ciara And Russell Wilson Had This Reaction To Bow Wow's Disrespectful Video

Ciara And Russell Wilson Had This Reaction To Bow Wow's Disrespectful Video
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According to recent reports, Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, could care less about the recent drama caused by the singer's ex-boyfriend, Bow Wow.

A person, who spoke to Hollywood Life , said the power couple has grown thick skin after having so many scandals involving Ciara's baby daddy, Future.

While performing at a recent concert, Bow Wow called Ciara a "bi*ch" and said that he hit it first.

The person in the know revealed this is how Ciara and the NFL star reacted to the drama: “Ciara and Russell have nothing to say about the whole Bow Wow situation. They are so above that drama and don’t even have time to respond to something as petty as that. They’re both living their best lives and super focused on their careers and new projects. Russell is 100 percent focused on the upcoming NFL season, and he is for sure not going to let this Bow Wow nonsense get to him. Plus, he is [seen as a] role model. Why make this a thing he should care about?”

The family friend claimed: “When it comes to Russ and Ciara, they are taking the high road, at least publicly. Has it affected them, and are they talking about it? Absolutely. But, they are choosing to rise above it and not give it any more life than it already has. Ciara and Russell thought it was super disrespectful, and although they would like to see [Bow Wow] apologize, they doubt he will step up and do the right thing.”

After the video clip surfaced showing Bow Wow disrespecting Ciara, many fans showed support.

One person had this to say: "Its like jail, locked down and given instructions do they finally get it. Why do guys have to be stripped mocked and humiliated to get it? Struggle to make it just to give it away."

Another commenter claimed: "He’s starving for attention because he’s irrelevant. How would he like it if somebody said something like that about the person he’s dating or married to?"

This backer shared: "And still Ciara is unbothered bc she has a lovely husband and beautiful family. 😌😌This lil boy never sees his wrongdoings. Ciara is married now and “she ain’t thinking bout you” bruh."

Ciara should be applauded for staying positive in the face of the drama

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