Christopher Plummer Said What Happened To Kevin Spacey Was "Very Sad"

Christopher Plummer Said What Happened To Kevin Spacey Was "Very Sad"

In a new interview, Christopher Plummer - who recently replaced Kevin Spacey's role in All The Money In The World - spoke out on his thoughts regarding the Spacey scandal. After the allegations from Anthony Rapp came out against Kevin, several publications reported that Christopher was set to replace the Academy Award-winner  in his role.

During a chat with the reporters from Vanity Fair, the 87-year-old actor stated, "I think it's very sad what happened to him," and it was a shame that such a predicament took down an actor of Kevin's talent and gift.

That actor remarked, "that's all I can say because that's it." Plummer noted he's not replacing Spacey per say, but rather is "starting all over again."

Be that as it may, Christopher "admires Ridley Scott" and is enthusiastic to be working alongside him but has acknowledged the unfortunate circumstances surrounding Spacey as of late.

Furthermore, Christopher said "the script is wonderful," and wanted to work with Scott for a long time because he's "very good."

Re-shooting of the film will start on the 20th of London and Rome and will include other stars including Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. As you may already know, Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of coming on to him when he was just a 14-year-old boy.

The two men - who were acting alongside each other during a Broadway play in 1986 - got together at a party where the alleged incident took place. After Rapp told his story, executives at Netflix dropped House of Cards and refused to work with Spacey, effectively relieving him of all of his duties.

Many women have accused other celebrities of sexual misconduct including Louis CK, Jeremy Piven, Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, and several others.

The past two months have showcased a firestorm of accusations levied by women and apologies offered by men. In a tweet which you can see above, Kevin apologized for the altercation but experienced backlash due to his coming out as a gay man.

Many accused the actor of conflating homosexuality with pedophilia.


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