Christina Perri Shares Her Painful Pregnancy Update

Christina Perri Shares Her Painful Pregnancy Update
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The 36-year-old Jar of Hearts singer has opened up about the moment in her current pregnancy when she suffered a devastating miscarriage. Perri, whose daughter Rosie was born mute in 2020, is expecting her second daughter with her husband Paul Costabile. The couple also has a 4-year-old daughter, Carmella Stanley.

The pain I felt when I woke up today defies description. Perri said in an Instagram Story selfie from the doctor's office, where she was getting a nonstress test, "It's like the trauma woke me up with tears before I could even grasp why." Perri mentioned how unfair it was to lose Rosie, and how difficult this week has been overall.

Unfairly, I was this far along in my pregnancy when she departed away. It's all come flooding back to me, and it's devastating once more. In any case, I'm doing fine. I know that I can handle this. No, this is not your average pregnancy. She went on to say that this young child is different. It's acceptable to feel whatever I feel, Perri told herself later.

It's very painful right now. Hopefully, things will turn around tomorrow. She ended, "To all my PAL mamas: gosh, I see you and love you," adding, "I'm simply riding the wave and loving myself through it." As Perri told PEOPLE back in July, she and Costabile are looking forward to this pregnancy.

Both Paul and I are making the decision to have faith that everything will turn out fine, she remarked. After going through what I have, I am determined to spend the rest of my life assisting other women. The way I see it, it is Rosie's ultimate goal.

In addition, she discussed her desire to educate other women about a blood test that might detect illnesses such as the curable blood clotting problem that may have caused both of her miscarriages.


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