Christina Milian Welcomes A Baby Boy With Her Boyfriend

Christina Milian Welcomes A Baby Boy With Her Boyfriend
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Christina Milian and her boyfriend Matt Pokora are now the proud parents of a baby boy! The actress gave birth on January 20 and it looks like the couple could not wait to share the great news with the world!

The sweet newborn is their first child together and Milian took to social media to announce it on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, the mom also told her followers the bundle of joy’s name – Isaiah – and shared with them the very first pic of him!

‘And so we begin. Isaiah 1/20/20 Simply perfect. The world is yours Son. Love, Mom and Dad,’ the caption alongside the pic reads.

It sound like Christina is doing great after delivering her newest addition to the family and to add to the joy of it all, her 9 year old daughter Violet from her previous marriage with The Dream, is a big sister now.

The actress and songstress has been raving about her new baby even before he was born!

That being said, back in September, she was in attendance at the H&M x Yellow Feather Fund event to celebrate the H&M x Sesame Street Partnership when she opened up about her pregnancy.

She admitted that while she had some fears and reservations at first, after overcoming them, she became really excited to welcome another child into her life.

Her main fear had to do with the baby’s gender, as it turns out!

‘I was really scared about it [having a boy]. But, then I thought about the perks. If I had two girls it would take me way longer to get dressed. If I had two girls, that means once puberty hits, two girls with two attitudes. I was like, ‘It might be a little bit different with boys. I think it’ll work out for me,’’ she shared her logic at the time.

Well, only time will tell if that’s the case or not!


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