Christina Hendricks And Geoffrey Arend Call Off Their Marriage After 10 Years

Christina Hendricks And Geoffrey Arend Call Off Their Marriage After 10 Years
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According to, Christina Hendricks, the star of Good Girls , and the Madam Secretary alum, Geoffrey Arend, split after approximately 10 years of being married. On their Instagram account this Thursday, Hendricks and Arend released a statement describing the history of their relationship in addition to confirming they had broken up.

In it, Hendricks and Arend began, "twelves years ago we fell in love and became partners," and then "joined our two amazing families," and made crucial friendships over the course of their marriage. However, they chose to call it off.

The statement went on to say they'll continue to raise their dogs, which they've posted on their respective IG accounts repeatedly in the past. Fans of the couple will remember when they got married in October 2009.

Hendricks, 44, and Arend, 41, were reportedly introduced to each other through Christina's Mad Men co-star, Vincent Kartheiser twelve years ago in 2007. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Geoffrey posted pictures of their dogs along with a sweet caption.

In 2012, Christina reminisced on the time she frightened Arend when she told him right away that she wanted to have a family. The Mad Men alum claims she found herself feeling attracted to him on account of his charisma and sense of humor.

Christina told reporters from United Kingdom Cosmopolitan that Geoffrey was running late for a meeting with people one day, and when he came in the room, he was "disheveled" and "high energy;" she found herself asking who he was out of intrigue.

The star claimed she took his number under the pretense they would be friends, however, when she got home, she immediately sat in front of her computer and began Googling his name.

A few weeks later, after they had been hanging out through their mutual circle, she and Geoffrey went on a date. Hendricks joked that she "freaked him out" when she told him he made her feel like settling down and starting a family already.


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