Christina El Moussa Still Supports Boyfriend Nate Thompson Despite His Shady Past!

Christina El Moussa Still Supports Boyfriend Nate Thompson Despite His Shady Past!

It looks like Christina El Moussa couldn’t care less about her hockey player boyfriend’s past!

The 33 years old Flip or Flop star was there to support her new love during his game on April 9 and she cheered for him hard despite the fact that the media has recently reported on his shady past.

As fans may already know, Nate Thompson dumped his former wife while she was expecting their first baby!

But it seems as if Christina wants the past to stay in the past especially because she isn’t baggage free either.

Christina split from her husband and co-star Tarek El Moussa last summer and in January he filed for a divorce. Afterwards she started dating their one-time contractor Gary Anderson but it didn’t last. Shortly after breaking up with Anderson she began dating Nate Thompson.

Christina is yet to answer her ex-husband’s divorce request but he did, however, check out her new man when he went to watch his game last week.

According to multiple reports, Nate Thompson is a bad choice for Christina to move on to because of his dark past.

The sports star left his ex-wife Cristin Moira Stuart when she was pregnant with their first child, Teague. Before that, they had been married for barely two years.

After they fought for custody of the baby, the judge handling the case gave them joint legal custody with an interdiction for Thompson to visit Teague at night.

Speaking of kids, Tarek has mentioned before that he doesn’t want to see him or any other man Christina decides to date around their children.

“Tarek is moving on with his life and wishes her the best,” one insider stated.”He just hopes she doesn’t bring ‘dates’ around the kids. It’s not something he would do.”

Do you think Nate will betray Christina and leave her when she’s most vulnerable as he did his wife?


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  • Carmen
    Carmen Apr 10, 2017 5:06 PM PDT

    She "'s. A opportunist to stay in the news ..! Cancelled show

  • Sandy
    Sandy Apr 10, 2017 1:12 PM PDT

    She deserves whatever treatment she gets it called karma and she has a lot of negative coming to her in the future.

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