Christina El Moussa Having a Hard Time without Tarek?

Christina El Moussa Having a Hard Time without Tarek?

According to reports, Christina El Moussa is having a hard time in the midst of her divorce from Tarek and is “overwhelmed by life” in his absence from her life.

According to source close to the former couple, “Christina [El Moussa] is overwhelmed by life without her husband and is working hard to keep it all together after their split.”

“Tarek [El Moussa] moved out of the massive home they shared together several months ago. Since then Christina has been leaning on a small team of nannies who help her with their two small kids as she juggles business obligations and managing the household.”

The 33 year old Christina, and 35 year old Tarek El Moussa have had quite the scandalous breakup and divorce announcement. The unexpected split was made public for the first time in December of 2016. The estranged married couple and co-stars on Flip or Flop have come out saying that their breakup started from a domestic violence incident that occurred back in May.

The incident involved a gun and a police visit to their shared home in California.

Furthermore, there were also rumors that Christina was keeping in touch and receiving inappropriate texts from another man while she was still together with Tarek. The man turned out to be their one time contractor that helped build their pool. Recently, It was confirmed that they are dating.

Tarek, on the other hand, seems to be dealing with the sudden split and tedious divorce processions in a completely different way than Christina.

According to an insider, “He spends a couple hundred bucks and stays for a few hours, gets some lap dances from the exotic dancers and then leaves.”

Pretty different ways of coping, but one thing is sure – neither are healthy!

Do you believe the rumors are true? Is Christina having a hard time without her ex husband? Is Tarek wasting his money on booze and strippers?

Tell us in the comment section bellow.


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