Christina Applegate Reveals She Needed Therapy After Filming "Dead To Me"

Christina Applegate Reveals She Needed Therapy After Filming "Dead To Me"
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According to a report from, Christina Applegate had to overcome many negative emotions as a consequence of starring in Netflix's series, Dead To Me. Christina, who also works as one of the show's executive producers, said to Variety that filming Dead To Me had a serious effect on her psychological and physical health.

During one scene, Applegate performs a dance routine inspired by Fosse. The actress said she had been in "traction for a week" because she hadn't danced in probably ten years before that day. The 47-year-old said to Variety that her "old" body simply can't do it anymore.

"Jen, my character, is grieving in the worst way possible," the actress stated, "but that's her way," Applegate told the outlet that people shouldn't have a limit in terms of how they grieve; there has to be an expression of that negative emotion, and it's best if individuals have a support system that doesn't judge them.

Regarding how she prepared for the role, Applegate said to Variety that she had to tap into some old trauma, including one incident in which she endured a personal loss. In fact, Applegate said she had to get therapy after filming because it was taking its toll.

Christina admitted she believes that healing from past traumas, despite the stigma, is a really "beautiful thing" and she's proud she managed to figure it all out. This is a stark contrast in character since her performance in Anchorman alongside Will Ferrell.

After a decade of not finding as much work, Christina finally got a job on Anchorman in the mid-2000s, and now her career is flourishing once again.

From 1987 until 1997, Christina starred in Married...With Children, and it was arguably the role that defined her career until she finally starred in the aforementioned Anchorman in 2004.

Created by Liz Feldman, Dead To Me describes itself as a dark-comedy series and it premiered yesterday, on the 3rd of May. Christina was joined by her former Anchorman co-workers, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay.


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