Christina Aguilera has gained weight once again. What are the reasons?

Christina Aguilera has gained weight once again. What are the reasons?

These days Christina Aguilera’s appearance has changed significantly since we’ve last seen her as one of the judges on “The Voice”. Fans are concerned for the singer’s well-being as it seems that the point in which she in her career is taking a toll on her self confidence.

Aguilera is quite visibly dealing with weight problems and it is not the first time. Some speculate that the diva is stress eating because she cannot really come to terms with her lackluster career. It is a dangerous path that many people take when they do not know how to deal with various issues in their lives. The singer has not released any hits or albums in years and the lack of success is catching up with her and affecting her mental state.

The pictures taken by the paparazzi of Christina along with her two children and life partner Matt Rutler visiting a pumpkin patch show a fuller version of what we are used to and are worrisome in the eyes of some people that choose to focus on this kind of thing.

However, if we really think about it, maybe people had it all wrong. Considering the singer is staying out of spotlight lately we cannot really know what goes down in her life. Maybe Aguilera is finally happy to spend time with her family and escape the rigorous diets she needed in order to fit into the unrealistic expectations of beauty in entertainment.

It is true that the singer has struggled with her weight fluctuations at least twice in her career, in the mid 2000s and in 2010 but it is also true that she has given birth to two children and also now that she is not in the top of music charts she can relax and allow herself to gain a few pounds.


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