Christian McCaffrey And Olivia Culpo Exchanging Likes On Social Media - Upcoming Romance?

Christian McCaffrey And Olivia Culpo Exchanging Likes On Social Media - Upcoming Romance?
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According to a report from The New York Post, Christian McCaffrey's posts on Instagram didn't go unnoticed by Olivia Culpo, who just got out of a relationship with her ex-boyfriend from the Miami Dolphins, Danny Amendola.

Following McCaffrey's picture on Monday with himself and Chris Hogan working out, Olivia Culpo was just one of many individuals who double-tapped it. McCaffrey, 22, in response, liked one of Olivia's pictures along with her nearly four million followers.

Reported by Dov Kleiman, Culpo and McCaffrey supposedly began following each other back in April. This comes after Danny took to his Instagram to criticize his former relationship with Culpo, accusing her of being Instagram-obsessed and doing everything for attention from Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

As most know, Olivia's job is, essentially, to be a social media influencer, so she makes money from getting attention from certain outlets. Amendola said, explicitly, in a now-deleted post, "Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood to make money."

Danny, later on, chose to address his words, stating that truthfully, nobody actually knows what's going on behind closed doors. While a person's posts on social media say one thing, their lives, in reality, say something entirely different.

Amendola claims he doesn't want to participate in "fake intangibles" that people in the public are concerned with. He lives a private life and holds those closest to him. The model and football player first broke up back in October of last year, after an on-and-off romance.

Danny's posts came after Olivia was spotted dancing with the DJ and music producer, Zedd, while at Coachella this year. Danny appeared to be a bit jealous because he called Zedd "scrawny," and passive-aggressively said he was happy if Culpo was too.

Following his relationship with Culpo, Danny probably won't be featured in the mainstream media again, because, as he said, he doesn't want to be the center of attention.


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