Christian Bale Set To Portray Dick Cheney In A New Biopic

Christian Bale Set To Portray Dick Cheney In A New Biopic
Source: TheHollywoodReporter

Christian Bale recently confirmed he would portray Dick Cheney in an upcoming biopic directed by Adam McKay.

Last week, sources reported Bale maybe be starring in the new film that will bring him back together with Adam following their highly successful film "The Big Short." The Academy Award winner confirmed he would be starring in an unknown movie in an interview with The Associated Press.

Bale commented on the brilliant story telling ability of the director. He said the new movie would be a film of discovery like their 2015 production "The Big Short."

The Dark Knight actor said, "his ability to make it startling and entertaining and intelligent without compromising anything - he's masterful at doing that."

The biopic about Dick Cheney will bring in Steve Carell who played a role in "The Big Short" as well. Steve will play the former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Amy Adams will portray Lynne Cheney who is the former vice-president's wife.

Brad Pitt's production company Plan B Entertainment is handling the new movie and shooting will begin in September. Paramount Pictures will be distributing the biopic.

Bale's performance in "The Big Short" earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance. McKay and screenwriter Charles Randolph won the Best Adapted Screenplay Award for the 2015 film.

Christian has been all over the Academy Awards lately, as he previously won an Oscar for his performance in "The Fighter" starring Mark Wahlberg.

All the actors set to portray the former politicians are noticeably younger than their characters. The film will have the performers wearing prosthetics to play the leads. Fans are probably excited to see Bale play Cheney considering his reputation as a famously dedicated method actor.


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