Christian Bale Reveals That His Grandmother-In-Law's First Movie To Watch Of His Was American Psycho

Christian Bale Reveals That His Grandmother-In-Law's First Movie To Watch Of His Was American Psycho
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According to a report from, Christian Bale, despite being one of the greatest actors in Hollywood today, he still didn't manage to impress his in-laws as well as one might think. During an interview with People Magazine, the star sat down with his co-star, Matt Damon, and the two discussed some of their favorite films.

During the chat, Bale revealed the first time that his in-laws watched one of his films was American Psycho, which was arguably his most controversial role ever. The film starred Christian as Patrick Bateman, a murderous upper-class yuppie living in New York during the 1980s.

When he first married Sibi, her mother asked her if he had done any famous films, and she told him American Psycho , so she borrowed the copy from her.

Damon immediately said, "Oh no, oh my god." Bale recalled that Sibi's mother didn't understand just how many crazy moments there would be in the film.

Sibi and her grandmother ended up skipping through some of the more "inappropriate" parts of the film, thinking it was just an avant-garde scene for the sake of style, however, they ended up getting through the entire film in 15 minutes.

Bale, who starred as Patrick in the 2000 thriller, portrayed a high-strung and mentally disturbed man in his late twenties. While the movie has since become a massive cult-classic for Bale, it didn't perform well at the box office.

Following the conclusion of the film, Sibi's grandmother said to her that Christian must've not been a "proper actor," and then hoped he would do much "better in the future." These days, Bale's roles haven't been quite as controversial, including his recent box office success, Ford v Ferrari.

Bale admitted he was incredibly proud to star in Ford v Ferrari because there weren't many films like it being made anymore. The actor added that it was the closest one could get to driving a race car without actually doing so. Damon added that it was definitely the type of movie that is better watched in the theater rather than on one's phone.


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