Christian Bale And Russell Crowe Absent From Golden Globes Due To Wildfires And Illness

Christian Bale And Russell Crowe Absent From Golden Globes Due To Wildfires And Illness
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Christian Bale and Russell Crowe are both up for Golden Globe Awards this year, however, they didn't make it out to the ceremony at the Beverly Hilton for two different reasons.

Reportedly, Crowe, who was up for a nomination for his portrayal of Roger Ailes in a Showtime mini-series, chose to instead stay in Australia, his native country. Russell has property in the nation under siege from the wildfires.

Thus far, the Australian wildfires have ravaged the nation, leading to more calls for industries to do more about climate change, as natural disasters continue to get worse. The United States dealt with its own wildfire problem this past year as well, including in Northern and Southern California.

Insiders who spoke with Variety claims that Bale, who is up for an award for his work in Ford Vs Ferarri , wasn't able to go to the Golden Globes because he's sick. Christian, who lives in Los Angeles, was out of the nation for vacation when he suddenly became ill.

The same source said to the publication that Christian was told by his medical professional to not fly. It's clear the Australian wildfires are hitting close to home for many in Hollywood, especially Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Earlier today, it was reported that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman paid half-a-million dollars to a firefighting organization to help deal with the Australian wildfires. According to Refinery 29, Kidman took to her IG Stories earlier this week to express worry over what's going on in her native country.

Keith Urban, as well, addressed the situation on his IG account. According to the former wife of Tom Cruise, there have been a lot of people affected by the fires. While at an event for the Golden Globes earlier in the day, Nicole said to reporters from People that she was feeling a bit distracted by them.

Furthermore, a source close to the couple claims Kidman and Urban have a property in the area that's under threat, however, reports claim it hasn't been destroyed.

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