Christian Bale And Matt Damon Each Cover GQ Germany As Oscar-Winners Gear Up For Ford V Ferarri

Christian Bale And Matt Damon Each Cover GQ Germany As Oscar-Winners Gear Up For Ford V Ferarri
Credit: Source: GQ Germany/Instagram

GQ Germany released two new covers for their November issue and one featured Christian Bale and the other Matt Damon. The two Oscar-winners star in the upcoming movie Ford v Ferrari that hits U.S. theaters on November 15, 2019, and fans are excited to see the two return to the silver screen.

Ford v Ferrari ( Le Mans 66 ) stars Matt Damon as Carroll Shelby and Christian Bale as Ken Miles. Shelby and Miles worked together to build a race car for Ford that would take on Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

In addition to Christian Bale and Matt Damon, the movie stars Caitriona Balfe, Jon Bernthal, JJ Field, Jenelle McKee and Josh Lucas.

It seems Christian Bale is taking a little break from work as following Ford v Ferrari, he has no upcoming movies, television appearances and no projects in the works.

Matt Damon, on the other hand, has two additional movies coming out: Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Stillwater which he is currently filming. Following those two films, Damon has an additional 16 projects in some form of early development.

You may see the two GQ Germany covers featuring Christian Bale and Matt Damon below.

Twentieth-Century Fox released the official trailer for Ford v Ferrari   back in June and released the second trailer several weeks ago and the video went viral with more than 7 million views on YouTube alone. On October 9, 2019, 20th Century Fox released another special look at Christian Bale and Matt Damon in the movie. Though some of the early reviews are mixed, there's no doubt that the movie is resonating with fans and people are thrilled to see Christian Bale and Matt Damon starring in a movie together.

You may see the second trailer that went viral below.

Here is the special look at Ford v Ferrari that 20th Century Fox released on October 9, 2019.

What do you think? For those who are unfamiliar with the true story, do you think Ford could design a car that would beat a Ferrari in a mere 90 days?

Are you looking forward to seeing Ford v Ferrari in theaters on November 15, 2019?


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