Chrissy Teigen Sends John Legend Off To His First Day At The Voice In Hilarious New Sneak Peek Video

Chrissy Teigen Sends John Legend Off To His First Day At The Voice In Hilarious New Sneak Peek Video
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John Legend joins the new season of The Voice , and his wife Chrissy Teigen is making sure he has everything he needs on his first day. In a new sneak peek for the hit NBC show, Teigen is the epitome of a loving wife ensuring that her hubby is ready for his new gig.

The famous couple is always hilarious, and they did not disappoint in what is titled "John's First Day" video promoting his stunt as the newest judge on the reality TV show. Teigen treats it as though she is sending a child off to school. She packs the essential's in her husband's backpack to give him all the tools needs for a successful first day.

One of the necessary items is a book of country sayings, how else is the singer supposed to relate to Blake Shelton. A set of earplugs for when Kelly Clarkson won't be quiet, and he needs a moment of silence. Some tattoos so that Adam Levine will think Legend is cool. Lastly, she puts a large button in his backpack so he can practice hitting it while on the bus to work.

It is the goofy, fun-loving sendoff that one would expect from this couple that is all about having a good time. Legend for his part takes all the lovely gifts from his wife, lets her help him with his backpack and heads out the front door to meet the school bus headed to show. He is not alone though, all three of his new coworkers are on the bus with him to help welcome him properly to the judges' area.

Chrissy Teigen sending John Legend off to his first day on The Voice as though it was his first day of school is one the best sneak peek video's ever. Although the clip is a parody of what life is like in the Legend/Teigen household, it leaves fans believing life is like that in the famous home. Even if a person does not usually watch the singing completion or care about the show at all, the promo featuring the hilarious husband and wife team is a must see.

The Voice Season 14 premieres this Monday, February 25 th at 8 PM EST on NBC. Will you be running in to see what Legend brings to the show?


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