Chrissy Teigen Says She And Her Family Are 'Quiet' But They're Doing Ok Following Miscarriage News

Chrissy Teigen Says She And Her Family Are 'Quiet' But They're Doing Ok Following Miscarriage News
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Chrissy Teigen is a social media icon, that much is for certain, however, the news surrounding her various postings took the world by storm for a different reason over the last few weeks. As fans of the celebrity know, she and John Legend announced they had a miscarriage earlier this month.

Chrissy took to her Instagram a few weeks back to share an image of her sitting in the hospital bed crying. The picture used a black and white background, and Teigen looked incredibly distraught in the photo. Many of the star's friends and celebrity cohorts paid tribute to the loss of their child.

Page Six reported on a new post from Chrissy Teigen this month in which she said, "we are quiet, but we are ok," regarding their recent social media absence.

The 34-year-old Sports Illustrated alum shared a letter that the 41-year-old had written to her amid his performance at the Billboard Music Awards. John dedicated the performance to his wife. Viewers of the Awards ceremony know that Legend played the song, "Never Break."

According to Page Six, Teigen and Legend were photographed for the first time while they were out in Los Angeles grocery shopping. This past week, Teigen was on Instagram again to write in a post, "finally, a giggle."

On the 1st of October, people like Lance Gross and Kate Beckinsale touched on their own experiences with miscarriages, as did Terry Crews, although, social media users weren't happy with him for sharing his and his wife's experience with losing their baby.

Terry paid tribute to Chrissy and John's baby on Twitter, and he said he and his wife lost a child as well. While the post appeared light-hearted, many social media users accused Terry of making her miscarriage all about him.

Other stars who commented on her loss included Kate Beckinsale, who said she had a lot of respect for Chrissy for coming out with her story because she knew how difficult it was to go through such a traumatic ordeal. Beckinsale also had a miscarriage earlier in her life.

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