Chrissy Teigen Reveals That She Has Been Sober For 1 Month

Chrissy Teigen Reveals That She Has Been Sober For 1 Month
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Chrissy Teigen took to her Instagram this week to tell her fans that she has been sober for one month. The former supermodel shared her condition not long after she posted a happy dancing video on her Instagram today, this Tuesday.

One fan wrote to Teigen that they needed "whatever drugs" she was taking, and the 35-year-old responded that she has been sober for "4 weeks." She added a bunch of emojis and praying hands emojis as well; it's clear Chrissy is content with her current progress.

It's not entirely clear what drug or substance she has been abstaining from, because Chrissy never said anything else. Regardless of what information she did or did not disclose, fans were thrilled to hear about her sobriety journey.

One fan wrote that they have been sober as well, and they "loved" hearing about Chrissy's decision to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Another user encouraged Teigen to continue one day at a time. As most know, Teigen has struggled for the last few months but not specifically from drug abuse.

Back in October, Teigen shared that she had suffered a miscarriage. At the time, Chrissy posted a black and white photo of herself sitting in the hospital bed, looking extremely upset. Near the end of the same month, Chrissy said she and John were "quiet" but they were doing "okay."

Chrissy and John then were the subject of many tributes and commemorations on social media, including from people like Kate Beckinsale and Terry Crews, who showered Teigen with praise and kind words. Kate, for instance, claimed Chrissy was so brave for telling her story.

Following the news of their baby's death, Chrissy and John honored the baby with his name tattooed on her wrist. Regarding Chrissy's decision to abstain from substances, reasonable evidence from the past shows that she may be referring to alcohol.


According to Page Six, Chrissy has admitted to alcohol problems before. She first talked about it back in 2017 when she claimed she found it challenging to just have one drink; the temptation of having another was just too strong. The star also admitted that her entire family has struggled with alcohol addiction.

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