Chrissy Teigen Raves About Adele’s Huge Transformation After Posting Stunning Little Black Dress Pic!

Chrissy Teigen Raves About Adele’s Huge Transformation After Posting Stunning Little Black Dress Pic!
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Chrissy Teigen could not believe her eyes seeing Adele’s stunning transformation! As you may know, the singer has managed to lose a lot of weight and she looks like a totally different person now!

That beings said, Adele was excited to share a new pic of her in a tiny black dress on her birthday and a lot of fans as well as fellow celebs, including Chrissy, could not get over the transformation!

The birthday pic shows Adele after dropping no less than 100 pounds so it makes sense that people could not believe their eyes.

The model took to Adele's comment section to write: ‘I mean are you kidding me?’

Chrissy was clearly mesmerized, just like everyone else, by the results of Adele’s weight loss journey.

As for Chrissy’s comment, it’s not clear at this point whether she’s just a big fan of Adele or if they are also good friends.

They could have met at Beyonce and Jay Z‘s secret Oscars after-party back in January since both women were in attendance, as proven by some photos taken at the bash.

As for the new photo that stole everyone’s breaths away, it shows Adele looking healthy and in shape all the while posing confidently and sassily.

Of course, her gorgeous outfit only added to that effect, since she was wearing a tight little black dress with some fashionable bell sleeves that let her toned legs be seen and put her tiny waist on display.

Furthermore, her hair looked perfectly dyed blonde even though she is in quarantine with no access to a hairdresser.

Speaking of the pandemic, she mentioned those on the COVID-19 frontlines as well, writing in the caption: ‘Thank you for the birthday love. I hope you are all staying safe and sane during this crazy time. I would like to thank all of our first responders and essential workers who are keeping us safe while risking their lives! You are truly our angels 2020 okay bye thanks x.’

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