Chrissy Teigen Melts Fans' Hearts With New Video With Her Daughter, Luna

Chrissy Teigen Melts Fans' Hearts With New Video With Her Daughter, Luna
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Chrissy Teigen just shared the most adorable video with her baby girl Luna and fans cannot get enough of these two beauties. Check it out below.

Someone believes that 'Luna has perfect posture while I’m over here lookin’ like a dinosaur.'

Another supporter said that 'When she caresses her mother’s face man I felt that in my spirit! ❤️#love'

A person wrote 'My 11 month old makes me feel so beautiful when she touches my hair and face and looks into my eyes so lovingly. I really can’t wait for this.'

One follower said that 'The way she smiled back and said " thank you" melted my heart.'

One impressed fan said that 'watching this with my 2 yr old daughter and after she saw what happened she hugged and kissed me n said, mom, I love u... ' and another person wrote that 'I've never seen daughter play with their mum like this. So lovely both of you😘😘.'

Chrissy has been in the spotlight recently after slamming R. Kelly and supporting the victims.

Chrissy’s husband, John Legend, made an appearance in the documentary about R. Kelly and spoke about his supposed transgressions.

As you know, allegations surrounding the controversial R&B singer have persisted for many years.

However, it seems that the tide has turned, as more and more celebrities have chosen to speak their mind about him.

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