Chrissy Teigen Has Shared The Awful Messages She’s Gotten After Announcing Her Abortion To The Public On Twitter

Chrissy Teigen Has Shared The Awful Messages She’s Gotten After Announcing Her Abortion To The Public On Twitter
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Many times celebrities are in the public eye for all the wrong reasons. Celebrities do like to share their lives with their fans in hopes of becoming closer to them however this can sometimes backfire as people tend to have their own opinions.

Chrissy Teigen has been brave enough to share the news of losing her third child on social media. While many people sympathize with her pain, others are coming for her throat.
Chrissy appeared on “We Made That Choice” and revealed that she regretted telling the world about losing her third child. She explained that she had recently realized that her use of the word miscarriage had been incorrect and that abortion would be the proper word to use in her situation.

She also spoke about how everyone had called it a miscarriage whether it was her fans, herself, or the media. However, the reality was very different than the news that had been spread.

After her vulnerable conversation, it seemed that many fans were angry at Chrissy for misleading others. Many fans commented on her decision on Twitter and claimed that they had already canceled her. Chrissy has acknowledged the hate that she is receiving but she claims that it would never bring her down.
Other fans also claimed that Chrissy was just sharing her story to gain attention and sympathy from others. Fans were calling her out for saving her life instead of the baby’s and then posting about it for attention on social media.

However, some of Chrissy’s fans stayed loyal to her. Many of them acknowledged that she had made mistakes but that she was only human and it didn’t change the good person she was inside. Alongside the positive fans, many other fans claimed that she was undeserving of having children because she had lied to the world.
Her real fans however were supporting her throughout the time she was receiving hate. Her fans were calling out the haters and acknowledging that the comments section of her post was very toxic. Chrissy herself does hold herself accountable for the drama that has been developed.

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