Chrissy Teigen Confirms She And John Legend Are Expecting Another Child - Their Third!

Chrissy Teigen Confirms She And John Legend Are Expecting Another Child - Their Third!
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Rumors of Chrissy Teigen 's pregnancy have persisted over the last few days, and they've turned out to be true, a new report from Page Six revealed today. Page Six says the Sports Illustrated supermodel announced she and her piano-playing husband were going to have their third baby.

In a video posted on her social media account, the 34-year-old Cravings founder pointed to her belly and said, "look at this third baby, s**t." As it was just noted, fans first began speculating on Teigen's third pregnancy following the premiere of John's latest music video, "Wild."

The end of the video features Chrissy and John with their two kids, Miles, and Luna, who are 2-years-old and 4-years-old respectively. The camera angle focuses on Teigen's baby bump for just a moment. Not long after the video dropped, Teigen took to her Twitter account to share a smiling-heart emoji.

As it was previously reported, John Legend announced he was going to drop a new record this year , which he did, although, DJ Akademiks said it didn't perform well. In case you missed it, Akademiks, Legend, and Teigen got into a brief spat over social media, although it was mostly on Akademiks' end.

In fact, reports came out not long after which claimed Akademiks was banned on social media and also lost his job working with an outlet after he slammed both Teigen and her husband. Akademiks claimed the singer-songwriter's new record failed to perform on streaming platforms and it was partially Teigen's fault.

Earlier this year, Chrissy was in the headlines for other reasons. The former supermodel made a joke at Megan Thee Stallion's expense amid her shooting scandal involving Tory Lanez. However, she later apologized for mocking the rapper. 

Teigen wrote in response to a meme, "I have a Megan Thee Stallion joke and it needs to be twerked on." Chrissy then deleted the joke, but fans had already screenshotted it and shared it all over the internet. As followers of the controversy know, Megan hasn't taken to kindly to social media users making fun of her predicament.

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