Chrissy Teigen Called 'Chubby' By Haters - She Claps Back!

Chrissy Teigen Called 'Chubby' By Haters - She Claps Back!
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The model is definitely not Okay with people criticizing her body, or anyone’s for that matter but she knows how to pay it back with the same coin if she has to! That being said, after getting body-shamed by a hater on social media, she shamed them right back, pretty much reminding them to look in the mirror first and then judge her.

It all started with Nancy Pelosi sharing a pic with Chrissy and her husband John Legend with the caption: ‘So thrilled to be introducing @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend at the House Democratic Issues Conference tonight!’

One person thought it would be a good idea to slam the model’s weight by writing in the comment section that ‘Teigen likes to attack people, so I'm attacking her weight. Chubby needs to get to the gym.’

In response, Teigen told the user that ‘I hate to say this but…you are not a small person? Also I don't care about my weight. Sooooo this does not hurt.’

But the body shaming did not end there!

Someone else also felt the need to ask her if she got fillers in her cheeks.

In response, Chrissy wrote that ‘I, too, think they are too large but I'm gonna be super hot when I'm 80. I am sorry my naturally chubby face offends you lol.’

It makes sense that Chrissy is not at all bothered by these kinds of comments since she’s been very open about her weight and body image in general ever since welcoming her and Legend’s second addition to the family, son Miles.

Not too long ago, she revealed that she gained 20 pounds while pregnant with the baby boy.

She made it clear that she loves food a lot so she hasn’t tried to get rid of that weight and instead, has accepted it as her new normal.

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