Chrissy Metz Thanks Fans For Supporting 'Breakthrough,' Releases Music Video 'I'm Standing With You'

Chrissy Metz Thanks Fans For Supporting 'Breakthrough,' Releases Music Video 'I'm Standing With You'
Credit: Source: Chrissy Metz/Allen Fraser/20th Century Fox

It's been an exciting year for Chrissy Metz and the award-winning actress is keeping it real by thanking her fans for their love and support. The actress known for her work on television shows such as This is Us and American Horror Story is getting plenty of adoration for her work in the movie Breakthrough . She's also released a music video for the film's song that she performs "I'm Standing with You."

On Saturday morning, Chrissy shared a sweet thank-you message to her fans for their praise for her latest film Breakthrough where she plays the role of Joyce Smith, a mother who prayed fervently over her 14-year-old son John Smith, who doctors declared dead after he fell through a Missouri frozen lake.

Real life Joyce Smith poured out her heart before God in travail and weeping when the unthinkable happened. While Joyce Smith was at her son's bedside praying, he came back. Many believe that God answered Joyce's prayer and performed a miracle, bringing John back to life.

Chrissy has garnered acclaim for her role and her song "I'm Standing with You" is also drawing praise for its message of faith, hope, and strength.

Chrissy's fans know that she is very down to earth and interacts with her fans on social media. In addition to sharing her thanks for fans who support her movie, she also shared her excitement about having her first music video released.

Chrissy's YouTube channel is just getting started and it's off on a high note. She has provided vocals for This is Us and her first song added to YouTube is "Landslide" the cover from Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks that she contributed to This is Us .

"I'm Standing with You" currently has more than 50,000 views, many more likes than dislikes and plenty of comments making it clear that this song is a hit.

You may see Chrissy Metz perform "I'm Standing with You" from the movie Breakthrough in the video player below.

Have you seen Breakthrough in theaters? What are your opinions on the Joyce Smith, John Smith story? Do you believe that a miracle took place? Did God answer Joyce Smith's prayers and bring John Smith back from the dead?


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