Chris Rock Says He 'Doesn't Feel' Like Celebrating Following Joe/Kamala Win Of 2020 Presidency

Chris Rock Says He 'Doesn't Feel' Like Celebrating Following Joe/Kamala Win Of 2020 Presidency
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Even though the reported defeat of Donald Trump has been the source of good news for many in the entertainment industry, including Chris Rock , the comedian admitted recently that he still doesn't feel like celebrating much.

As it was previously reported, Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off in this year's presidential election, but it was reported yesterday, on Saturday, that Biden had won the state of Pennsylvania, making Biden the winner automatically.

The news came after several days of vote-counting and controversy, with many Americans wondering when the results would finally be revealed. Chris Rock , upon hearing the news, was just one celebrity who claimed he wasn't overly thrilled at Joe Biden's victory.

Rock says he felt a lot like Tom Hanks at the end of Cast Away; as if he just got off the island and has started getting his life back together. Rock went on to reference all of the major plot points of the movie, saying that he just wanted to "take a shower," cut his hair, "eat a shrimp," "find Helen Hunt" and then send his last package.

Back in September, Rock told a story about the time he met Trump at a nightclub. During a conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Rock reflected on his encounter with the president when he came into the club.

He said all the girls ran over to him "because a f*cking 6-foot-whatever blond millionaire with his name on all the buildings walks in." Rock went on to joke that if the room was like a "seesaw," all of the other men in the room would've been way up "in the air."

Biden reportedly secured the position as the president-elect when both Pennsylvania and Nevada turned blue. Trump needed both of those states to win 270 electoral votes, but Biden took both of them. Additionally, Hot New Hip Hop says Georgia will be recounted.


Earlier this year, Chris was in the headlines when he spoke on Kanye West's love of Pootie Tang . The comedian joked that West knew more about the movie than he did.

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