Chris Rock, Louis CK Under Fire For Using 'N-Word' As Jerry Seinfeld Draws Praise

Chris Rock, Louis CK Under Fire For Using 'N-Word' As Jerry Seinfeld Draws Praise
Credit: Source: 'Talking Funny'/HBO

As if Louis CK needs another reason to get social media backlash, a 2011 video clip resurfaced today and the Interwebs are furious. This time it isn't just Louis CK under fire but Chris Rock as well. The trouble began when viewers saw Louis CK, Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, and Jerry Seinfeld kicked back, laughing and discussing comedy in the HBO movie Talking Funny .

In one particular scene, Chris Rock opened up the subject of race and referred to Louis CK as the blackest white guy he knew. Everyone was laughing, and Louis CK threw his head back, then retorted.

"You're saying I'm an "N-word."

At the time, Louis CK and Rock were at the height of their careers and both were known for saying shocking things. Using the "N-word" on stage was a regular part of both acts.

Twitter, is not cutting slack to either comedian for the comments. Both are being slammed and many black people are furious that Chris Rock chose not to call out Louis CK for using the word.

Instead, Chris Rock kept the conversation going.

Those online were angry with Chris Rock and Louis C.K., and then pointed out that Ricky Gervais interjected and also used the "N-word."

The only one who seemed to realize that it wasn't an appropriate topic of conversation was Jerry Seinfeld.

The response towards Chris Rock has become volatile as he was the only black comedian on the show and many say it was his responsibility to stand up for the black community and set Louis C.K. straight. Instead, the voice speaking up for blacks was Jerry Seinfeld.

Some Twitter users didn't hesitate to say that Chris Rock's career was officially over.

The conversation stayed on topic and it was pointed out that though Chris Rock and Louis C.K. used the "N-word" in their acts, Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais didn't.

While many people slammed Rock, C.K., and Gervais, there were a few people who defended them. They pointed out that Louis C.K. and Chris Rock are comedians and that saying the "N-word" was common in their acts. They stated there was no credible evidence that either was actually racist.

What do you think? Did Chris Rock drop the ball by failing to correct Louis C.K. for using the "N-word?"


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